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10 Major Turn-Off when viewing Property

We want to present our property in the best possible way when it comes to selling and especially when we know e have viewings due. There are main key tips in how to present your home when it's on the market, but what about the things that turn people off that we should be avoiding?

Below is a list of 10 turn-offs for people when viewing property:

  1. First Impressions Neighbours: This might not be in your hands to deal with, but they state of your neighbouring property can help to decide if your property is the ideal place for the buyer. The likes of messy homes, over run gardens (especially overhanging on to your property), noise (music, barking dogs etc), too many cars (or large vehicles / vans).

  2. First Impressions Poor Maintenance: Sometimes we are blind to things which are obvious or we get used to dealing with things which are incorrect. From dirty windows to missing tiles, front gates off hinges to litter in the garden, the curb appeal needs to be spot on if you are seeking the best price for you home.

  3. Smells: Strong unpleasant smells can be very off putting and also a concern regarding getting rid of. Freshen the house with candles, scents, carpet cleaner, fresh air when you have visitors if you are trying to tone down any smells.

  4. Too many people in the house: Try and avoid having the whole family round and friends when you have viewings. Not only will it make your home look smaller, it can be embarrassing and a put off to the viewers.

  5. Loud Music: Music is fine if it is subtle, loud music can be a total turn off for some and this includes TV, gaming consoles, radio etc.

  6. Clutter: Try and avoid clutter and remove unnecessary boxes / furniture. Even if you have to fill up your car with surplus items during the viewing, try and give the true picture of the size of each room by clearing up floor space. Certainly try to avoid a clogged up entrance / hallway.

  7. Over trying: Do not try and sell your property and seem desperate. Certainly do not tell lies or make up stories as your viewers may well have done some prior research and spot any fibs you tell. If you sound desperate to sell then they may be suspicious and question themselves as to why you are.

  8. Avoid the Dark: If you can, put lights on and open curtains. Avoid dark rooms as it gives a negative atmosphere.

  9. Pets Away: We love our pets for sure, they are part of our home, but not everyone will have the same thought process. Try and avoid them being in the way or if you have larger pets, mostly dogs, take them for a walk whilst the viewing takes place. Try and avoid pets (especially dogs) pestering people who come to view your house as it might make them feel uncomfortable and gain a negative vibe.

  10. Clothes and Shoes: Try to present the house clean and tidy. Beds need to be done and the likes of bedrooms (especially teenagers) should not have dirty clothes over the floor.

Title image: Pixabay

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