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10 Mistakes Estate Agents make with Property Photos

One of the most important ways to get your property sold is quality photographs. How your estate agent captures your property will lead usually to that potential buyer to spot it in the estate agency window display or on the property portal online.

From cheaper buy to let property to luxury listings, photos help to sell. It may require some imagination from the photographer especially within empty, smaller sized property and other times it is endless flow of fabulous snaps within larger, character homes that are well staged.

Despite the importance of photography in estate agency, there are common mistakes that are made and seen:

  1. Cars blocking view: Try and ask the home owner, if possible, to remove vehicles from driveways and pavements so that a clean shot can be taken.

  2. Bins: Try and take photos on a non bin day or ask the vendor to remove the bins from the shot.

  3. Toilet seats: Yes, it is a common complaint, but it is frequently seen! Put the toilet lid down in the photo!

  4. People / Pets: Try and avoid taking photos that have people or pets in them to include those out on the street (try and avoid vehicles driving past on the road too).

  5. Reflections: So many photos show either a full reflection in the likes of mirrors / windows or a part body such as shoes or an elbow.

  6. Windows / Curtains / Blinds: Try not o leave the curtains closed or blinds down / closed. Keep the natural light in the room and make the area look more spacious by keeping the windows clear.

  7. Light / Exposure / Focus: Do not except poor quality, make sure each photo you have taken several time and check each photo you take. So many photos have poor lighting (what about editing them back in the office) or are out of focus.

  8. Odd artwork: From those nude paintings to those erotic sculptures, these items in the photos should be avoided other they could cause a talk point on social media or even put off potential buyers from visiting / viewing.

  9. Washing in garden: Ask the owner to remove any washing on the line as it can distract the viewers away from the quality of the gardens and instead focusing in on what clothing is drying!

  10. Date / Time stamps: Do not use the function of date / time stamps on photos as this looks both cheap and amateur.

Title image: Pixabay

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