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10 Spare Room Ideas for your Home

It is not that uncommon that we enjoy a home that has a spare room (or two if you are lucky). You might have made a good purchase (who wouldn't say not to more m2 for our £'s) or it maybe due to the children who have fled the nest recently. Sometimes we have that spare room available to us and it's time to decide what to do with it (other than being the dumping ground for all our hoarding).

When it comes to any estate agency and listing your property, average property will likely be classed by amount of bedrooms so that spare room, be it upstairs or downstairs, will be checked off as another place to stick a bed, but can a spare room be something more than a place to stick that single bed and side cabinets for that future guest to stay?

10 Ideas for your Spare Room:

  1. Reading room: Depending on the size of the room, it could lend itself to being a quiet room with a comfy chair (or two) along with bookshelves / shelving for your own library of books.

  2. Craft / Art / Hobby room: Maybe it is time for you to spend your spares hours on your creative hobby which you could now do at home.

  3. Children play / reading room: Maybe the children(s) toys are taking over the house, why not dedicate them all to a play room where they can make as much mess as they wish!

  4. Full room closet: If you have cloths bulging away in the drawers and wardrobe in your bedroom and you like to have variety in your attire, why not convert that room to a walk in closet.

  5. Yoga Studio: If you can clear the floor area then why not a place dedicated to yoga?

  6. Exercise / Fitness Room: Maybe you are wanting to work on your health / physique then you can have a room for that rowing machine / exercise bike, weights and more.

  7. Games Room: Adults and children alike would love to have that room dedicated to comfy gaming chairs, a big screen, console(s) and nobody nagging you to stop playing so they can watch TV.

  8. Office: A popular choice for many will be a home office. The place to take those calls, send those faxes, desk with PC, work charts and more. We sometimes work better in an office environment so why not build one at home.

  9. Music Room: Another way in which to increase your desire to practise without bothering the rest of the house hold (too much) is to have a room dedicated to music instruments.

  10. Film / Photo Studio: Maybe you wish to paint the walls white, get in extra lighting, use green screen and much more then you can now over indulge in photography and filming.

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