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5 Basic Tips to add Character to your Home

For those who are looking to add a bit of extra character to your home and on a small budget only, then there are many tips on what you can spend your money on.

Investing in our property is probably one of the safest decisions we will take and be it for our own pleasure whilst we live in the property or if we are tidying things up for sale, it pays to look around our homes so to make improvements.

Here below are 5 key tips on adding character to your home that might not be that obvious though are proven to give things a better feel:

Radiators: Many homes will have central heating and this will usually include a radiator (or two) in each room. Sometimes these can be quite large and unsightly and not always easy to place a sofa / chest of drawers or a bed in front of. Besides a repaint or updating them for other designs (which will usually mean a redecoration of the wall / room is required) the next best thing and relatively affordable is using radiator covers.

Ceiling roses: Usually in larger homes with higher ceilings, ceiling roses give off a much classier feel and also highlight better an light fixings hanging from them. Ceiling roses can be made of a few different materials mostly plaster and also polystyrene.

Door furniture / Light switches: Many property will have standard fixture and fittings when built and these can be quite ordinary in look. A simple update of face plates, door handles and more can make a big visual difference and with different materials and colours (including silver / gold) they can blend better with the design of rooms.

Mirrors / art work: Sometimes room can look either small and dark or they can also appear quite dull. By adding well positioned large mirrors can help give an impression of extra depth as well as improving the light. You can also opt for impressive art work from prints to original abstract - Sometimes a fresh new colourful artwork up on the wall can liven a room up and give it a talk point.

Go for a theme: Sometimes we can live in quite an average lifestyle at home choose things which are neutral and or merely just to serve a purpose. Sometimes we do not have to go with the norm and instead add some character to our home. From retro to art deco, movie themes to industrial, by adding a theme in a room or throughout the home can bring in a breath of fresh air and an added talking point - You must of course purchase in what you like, but do not be afraid to experiment!

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