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8 Big Changes you can make when selling your property

For those who have a property on the market that does not seem to be getting any interest or offers here are some quick fire tips.

There is nothing worse than when your property is up for sale and it gets zero interest. Waiting around for that first viewing to take place and suddenly noticing all the 'sold' signs about in the local neighbourhood. What could be wrong?

Maybe you are having plenty of viewings and the feedback is leaving you in the unknown - Is it the price? Do they not like your property? Are you missing something obvious?

  • Fresh Photos / Marketing: Maybe your photos were taken when it was winter and now summer is upon us, think about updating your photos to suit the season.

  • Change agency: Maybe it is the estate agent that isn't working hard enough for you or hasn't the clients on their books your property requires.

  • Free up Space: Declutter is key, as best as you can, think about floor area. Study each room and ask yourself if you are actually using all the items in view.

  • Televisions: Is your television still on the TV stand or worse that you have one of the older style sets with the big backs. Think about wall mounting your television which will not only free space, but can have a positive effect on the feel of the room. Ditch older television sets for newer slim line options.

  • Home Staging: There are many local home stagers that can offer help with regards to presentation of your property. Book an initial appointment and see if they are able to work with you in order to change the look of your property and make it more appealing to buyers.

  • View Similar: In your neighbouring towns / cities it is always a good idea to keep a track on similar styles and priced property. If you can, view them online to include photos / videos and if you can, contact the agency selling to see if you can book an appointment to view.

  • Arrange an Open House: Such events can raise interest in your property and new visitors. Yes, you might get a load of nosy parkers and time wasters, but it will increase the footfall to your property.

  • Get Social: Do not be afraid to search on social media and let people know your property is for sale. Especially on Facebook, there will be many local themed groups / property groups so use these to display your property / photos.

Title image: Pixabay

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