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Amazing Locations: Epernay, France

Epernay lies some 120 km east of Paris, a most enchanting 1h 23m by train which is the best way to get there for me. Only a three and a half hour drive down from the port of Calais if you are coming over from England which is in fact a relaxing drive with many opportunities for interesting stop offs along the way. A town of 22,198 inhabitants, one which dates back to around the 5th century, on the banks of the Marne River and has an abundance of mansions and 19th century townhouses.

There is of course another reason why Epernay is world famous and a relatively wealthy town and that is thanks to Champagne. Known by many as the capital of Champagne with the surrounding countryside a wash of wonderful vineyards and picture perfect villages each with a small grower Champagne makers.

The Avenue de Champagne is one of the most famous roads in France and in the global wine industry, it is a wonderful straight cobbled road that holds some of the most famous Champagne house to include Moet et Chandon, Pol Roger and Perrier Jouet - The Avenue de Champagne is known to be the most expensive street in the world to insure thanks to the countless km's of underground cellars containing 100's of millions of bottles of fine Champagne ageing away.

Real Estate in Epernay

Despite it's global fame for Champagne and many, many fine real estate you can still grab a bargain in Epernay. There is a lot of wealth in Epernay that is shown by property which are mostly located centrally and in and around the Avenue de Champagne - There are, like any town of city, areas which are less appealing and poorer.

During my property searching I found that there still remains many bargain opportunities which are mostly apartments (I viewed an apartment on the Avenue de Champagne for 100,000 euros!) and also some of the smaller town (terraced) property requiring modernisation / renovation. Depending on the style of property, location, amenities and the neighbourhood, you can have a budget as little as 40,000€ in order to live in Epernay.

There are many small villages that surround the community of Epernay, these will nine times out of ten have property for sale and usually for those with smaller budgets - You can easily purchase a decent village property with gardens (dare I say even vines and a wine cellar) for 100,000 - 300,000€. If you have a bigger budget then you can be wow'd by magnificent real estate. There are also opportunities to purchases chateaux and wine houses, vineyards and more.

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