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Amazing Real Estate at Affordable Prices

A recent tour of YouTube on the theme of amazing places to live got me on to a month long exploration of inspiring people living in breath-taking locations across our planet earth. From beach front plots to hill top chalets, we have such a diverse option when it comes to where we want to live and enjoy our lives and importantly, it is not always restricted by how much money you have to spend.

Property prices globally continue to increase as a whole, there is good reason that people have recommended us to invest in bricks and mortar (this includes land / building plots / commercial property). Is it safe to say that in recent years we have seem real estate values double each generation, what you started off paying your mortgage off on will likely be worth double what you paid for it when you complete that final payment instalment.

We can over indulge ourselves looking a dream real estate options on property portals globally that we all know require a minimum of a lottery win in order to afford! We take a ride on our dream boat when we gaze the photos and descriptions, blissfully imagining ourselves cooking in the kitchen, reading in the library or taking a dip in the swimming pool.

For most of us we simply hold on to a property (purchased or rental) that caters for our immediate needs such as a bedroom per person (if we are lucky), a kitchen, bathroom, living room and if we are lucky and additional room or two. Outside space can be at a premium or less inviting, from a balcony to a yard, a blade of grass of two to a small allotment, mostly in moderation.

Many of us plough most of our earnings in to our 'home', our lifestyles mostly governed by what price per m2 we are paying, from mortgages to month rental, from gas boiler servicing to replacing the glazing with burst pipes, decorating, wiring, weeding, cleaning and more in between.

What about an option out of the normal and at an affordable price?

Not everyone can move on just like that I fully understand, from work to family we have restrictions on what we can do and where we can go. Though, I say this with vast experience, if you plan ahead you can find yourself in wonderful locations and sometimes at the fraction of the price that you 'home' costs you now and far more appealing...

Having lived in a few countries now, that permanent trip abroad does not have to be that daunting. Giving up work to pay all those bills in our normal day to day life when you can cut them to a tiny % and seek only a small income to get you over the line each month.

Let's take a look at three examples of wonderful Real Estate at very affordable prices and with an example of each from a YouTuber:

Martijn who purchased two (to renovate) stone built buildings in Italy up in the mountains towards the Alps for just 21,000€ that included several acres of land at 1,200 metres above sea level:

Portugal is another European country, just like Italy and France, which has amazing property in wonderful locations and importantly as very affordable prices. Many people have opted out of the rat race towards a more simple and sustainable lifestyle and Portugal ticks many boxes for such places to be found. Here is one found by Osher:

Latvia ever taken your fancy? How about a property with 2.83Ha of land (7 Acres) - Let's take a look at this 12,000€ property:

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