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Are there Celebrity Properties In Your Area?

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

The term celebrity is quite literally that of a person who is widely known and of great popular interest. Now this could be the likes of Hollywood stars that appear in block buster movies we've all watched and admired, or simply a person highly known only in a particular field, ie table tennis. How you celebrate a person is your choice, though the most popular ways to become famous ie television, sports, cooking etc see those at the top having global fame over lesser celebrated ways such as radio, fishing or wine making where recognition will be much lower.

If we take a celebrity for this instance as a person with national or global fame whose name most will be familiar with, we can certainly fully understand that where they choose to live might have an influence on property prices locally.

"As an example, can you imagine if the likes of a Gordon Ramsey, David Beckham or Julia Roberts suddenly rocked up on your road with the removal van and invited the neighbours to a house warming party! This would cause a media frenzy and interest in the local community and of course property market, prices will suddenly spike as people would want to move in and experience the 'living next door to a famous person' syndrome."

Of course, most top celebrities will have a wide property portfolio to suit their expanding requirements, though many will have a permanent residence, their time spent there might only amount to a couple of months per year (their direct family members though might be present more often). Where these people choose to live will likely be the more affluent areas, the already highly demanded hot spots that guarantee them a more select community to live with, most will live on private roads such as those with security gate access. Niche streets, luxurious complexes, large country estates and more will be the type of thing they search for which will mean that already their market is select and highly demanded and of course carrying a hefty price tag.

Most of us will not realise that some celebrities do live in our towns and cities, not all are on handsome pay packets and many will be living in quite ordinary locations. Our seaside town has a few present (though mostly past) faces from TV and voices from radio. There are also regionally known artists and screen play writers and I am sure a whole lot more besides. We all need to live somewhere don't we? Most of these people though will not be hunted by the press or themselves craving any media attention, for many the title of a celebrity will just be their 9 to 5 job and their home life is kept purposely far apart (I am sure I can say that most of us do not like bringing work back home with us).

How to find out if there are celebrities living close to me?

Most times this will be known via local chit chat. If you are new to an area and you speak with neighbours, for sure at some point such subjects will be covered. If a new celebrity moves in to the area then once again, it will be topic for conversation for sure and it will have been picked up by the local press.

Checking online can help also. Though of course privacy for anyone is important, blog / articles / social media posts / videos might show a celebrity that lives close to you (simply search your town / city / village name and the word celebrity). An online search via the likes of Google ie 'directory of celebrity address' will bring up numerous results and especially for those living in the USA you can find addresses of big name celebrities. For example you will find names like Kim Basinger, Chevy Chase, Mel Gibson and 100's more can be found here.

The most important part of this all is respect of privacy - Just because a celebrity lives near you it does not mean they wish to have you knocking on the door and talking shop as much as you'd not want strangers knocking on your door if you were a mechanic to start a conversation on break pads!

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