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Best Home Fragrances - Luxury Options

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

There is nothing more inviting and tempting than welcomed fragrances. Now these can be simply fresh and clean such as Alpine / Vanilla style candles burning on the mantlepiece at home to freshly brewed coffee or baked bread in the local shop. When you walk in to a home and take a whiff of something pleasant then it automatically relaxes and or interests you - Just compare that to pet smells, dampness or cigarette smoke!

Whenever we are selling a property, especially those we are currently living in, then for any home visits from potential buyers we will make sure we have had a day of baking or brewing (coffee) and depending on the time of year, we add a touch of cinnamon and spice (Christmas period).

What none of us really find appealing are the likes of the following smells commonly found in property:

  • Plumbing (toilet / dishwasher / sink blockage / washing machine etc).

  • Cigarette / cigar smoke.

  • Rotten food from bins / fridge.

  • Pet smells.

  • Damp / mould.

  • Body odour / dirty nappies / old shoes and socks etc.

  • Prominent unfavoured incense / spiced foods / recent cooked garlic etc.

The best remedy for house hold smells is to neutralise them with the likes of:

  • Air fresheners to include can sprays, plug in and oil diffusers.

  • Carpet cleaners / powders.

  • Scented Candles.

  • Fresh Air / Open Windows & Doors.

  • Neutral Incense.

Some amazing ways to freshen up your home include:

Title image: Pixabay

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