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Biggest & Best Facebook Real Estate Groups

Facebook is one big communication channel that not only serves us in our personal lives, but also that of business. We spend a lot of time on Facebook (average said to be 2 hours and 24 minutes each day) and this evolves around not only catching up with family and friends by way of sharing and engaging with posts, but also we satisfy our interests from hobbies to politics and lastly we also use Facebook for business.

Facebook and business is quite a partnership where we say not only smaller local companies vouching for your attention, we are also marketed to by the global giants from fresh foods to ski holidays and many other catered for us adverts.

Real Estate also shares a big part of day to day activities on Facebook from classified ads on MarketPlace to the countless company pages and themed groups.

One of the best places to both advertise and research property for sale / rentals is via groups. Facebook sees many great user functions from live video broadcasts to events though groups remains one of the popular browser time on its platform (1.8 billion people use Facebook groups).

There are many fantastic Real Estate groups on Facebook and here are some for you to discover and enjoy:

Some Real Estate pages for you to join:

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