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Buying a Beach Hut UK

One of those idyllic situations on the sea front are those who have a cute little beach hut to enjoy - Don't we all say to ourselves how nice it would be to rent / own one!

Though these are not permanent residences for people to live in, they are relatively in high demand and can also command high prices too. The starting point, in the UK will usually be around £10,000 though Britain's most expensive ever beach hut has gone on the market for a whopping £575,000! Prices over the years have continued to rise and especially at popular seaside destinations with desirable views.

Can I purchase a beach hut in the UK? Yes you can and there is usually quite a selection to choose from though those which are priced correctly will not be around for long.

Are beach huts leasehold or freehold? This will very much depend on the property details though many will be freehold and come with Site Licence Fees.

Can I rebuild / change a beach hut? You always need to read the deeds of the property and speak with local planning department. If you are replacing like for like (such as if the hut was storm damaged / vandalised) then you will be fine (once again you will need to inform local planning). If you are changing design / layout / m2 then you will have to submit plans.

Can I live full time in a beach hut? Normally no, though as ever you need to refer to local Beach Hut Terms & Conditions. You must remember that beach huts will not have heating (you could use cooking rings etc), no running water usually and neither and toilet / shower / bath. You could possibly get away with a sleep over once in while before being reported (remember that you are not paying council tax).

Title image: Pixabay

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