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Can I Buy an Island?

You might be surprised, but at any one time there are quite a few islands for sale across the world. Now these might not be the size of a country, but nonetheless you will find options that will cater for a broad range of budgets and requirements.

Depending on where you are looking to buy, you could be looking at £100,000's up to figures beyond the 10's of millions. These real estate listings, usually private islands, will either have no property built and no planning permission yet permitted to those with their own luxury real estates built / commercial property (ie hotels).

Most occasions, though always check the finer details, the island will be freehold meaning it is yours in full though some countries and some special situations may see an island being sold under lease for example an undeveloped Native Leasehold.

When you purchase an island you are purchasing land. This process does not mean, because you are surrounded by water, that you are the king of your land - You will come under the jurisdiction of the country / state that the island forms part of. Some islands will have added jurisdiction added especially towards what activities can take place on them, planning permission, what is being grown, amendments to structure (for example constructing a man made beach). Many islands will also have certain wildlife and plant life on them which will be protected and will require of you to leave untouched.

When you purchase an island, especially one yet developed on and very much depending on how close any other islands / land are to it you will be in for a big job in getting it ready to live on. If your plan is to live the sustainable lifestyle then you might be ok for a while, but you must consider the likes of transport to and from (and also whilst on the island) and also the costs (if at all possible) to receive services and basic utilities.

Checking on prices and locations there are smaller private islands for sale (not yet developed) starting from under £50,000 with many being in the lower six figure sum. Just check on your country's main property search portal and you will likely find a listing or two that is an island for sale. Prices of undeveloped islands can be very expensive too, I saw this one priced at €16,000,000 in Fiji.

Some island for sale listings will be a collection of islands (island group). An example is one here in Great Britain - Out Skerries Estate, Island Group.

Image credit: Pixabay

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