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Can I Change the Name of My Property?

It is something quite appealing to live in a property that has a name. Now I do not mean that you simply have a pet name for you house / flat ie the den / the pad etc, but more towards naming your property so you update the official registered address.

You might have recently purchased a property that already has a name, the likes of The 'Coach House', 'The Barn' or 'Rose Cottage' which are amongst the most popular - The said name you might not be too in favour of so what can you do about changing / getting rid of it?

Legally, in the UK, you can change / add a name to your property so long as you keep the original numbering and street (required so for emergency reasons). If you are 45 High Street and wish to change the building name to Stone House for example (an alias as such) and upon approval your new address will be Stone House, 45 High Street, xxxxxx, xxxxxx.

In order to make a name change you need to apply to your local council and usually this is done via online forms, for instance for Chelmsford in Essex you apply to the Chelmsford City Council here. There will be fees involved and plenty of forms filling.

You must also remember that you might not necessarily get permission and certain names might be rejected. Reasons for refusal include similar named property locally, copyright / registered names (ie you can not call your house Buckingham Palace or Burger King etc) or if you have a name in mind which is contentious (ie Adults Only or Tories Out etc).

When you rename your property you are requested to keep the original number on the property though you can now also place the new name on the door / postbox / front wall etc.

People will see a property that is named as a special place, possibly of more importance that those around it, that it hosts important people or that it has a long history - Most times it derives positive thoughts. This can have a positive effect on the house value when you rename it - I say this from experience having changed a country cottage we once owned from simply a number on the Church View Lane to 'Spring Cottage, Church View Lane which helped in increasing viewers and finding us a buyer.

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