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Choosing Colours for your Rooms

The fun part of redecorating rooms in our homes is usually the choosing of colours. Be it colours of paint or that of wallpaper, we love to pick out several shades from those colour charts or even purchase mini tester pots to paint on to our walls to see how they suit.

The usual question will be that should we have a neutral colour or go for something different that appeals, be it artistic wall paper of those bolder shades of paint that'll be a love or hate talking point.

For some years now we have been doing our best to rid property of the wood chip wallpaper and magnolia paint and replacing with the wider choice of colours and designs. The internet has provider us with a wider choice selection from not only more niche suppliers, but even more innovative solutions such as designing your very own wall paper patterns. We have industry experts sharing with us their advice and tips (such as YouTube videos) and we have countless books to refer to to see what the end results will be like should we adopt a recommendation.

Do Colours Affect Mood & Emotions?

Yes we are certainly influenced by colours be it entering a pale blue room compared to a dark brown room or bold designs on wallpaper to faint, subtle options. It is called colour psychology where our minds and feelings are effected by the colours and shades. This can also stretch to Chromotherapy which is sometimes referred to as light therapy or colorology.

Colours are seen as mind and mood changing, such as quotes of:

  • Orange makes you feel energized / enthusiastic.

  • Green makes you feel optimistic / refreshed.

  • Red makes you feel passionate / energized.

If we take personal preferences out of the equation, then we must consider the effect colour schemes will have on the value of the property. If you apply all bold colours, dark, loud, shocking etc then it is likely to have a negative effect when people come to view your property and the price they would pay towards it. With neutral colours it makes it easier for potential buyers to accept whereas anything else could cause undervaluing as redecorating costs come in to our thought process.

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