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Common Causes of House Fires

It's an ever concerning fact that there are countless house fires annually, 37,000 are recorded each year in the UK alone. An estimated 358,500 home fires occur every year in the United States.

Such a common occurrence has surprising avoidable causes which in some circumstances can lead to either serious injuries to persons (and animals) including death.

There are many times that fires occur when no naked flame was present, we also must consider that many houses are heated by open fires, use gas cookers and gas fires. The likes of heating, cooking, carelessness, intentional and electrical are the more common categories that most home fires will be put in to.

What are the specific reasons that fires start at home?

  • Cooking with mostly flammable liquids to blame.

  • Smoking is another common reason that house fires are started such as falling asleep with a cigarette in your hand or dropping ash / still lit tips.

  • Heating to include both live flame and electrical. From open fires to gas fires to include electrical fan heaters / bar heaters.

  • Electrical faults can lead to fires from overloading of sockets to faulty wiring along with fault electrical equipment.

  • Candles deserve a listing on their own as these are popular reasons house fires start as many people can easily forget they are burning away and melting wax can easily displace wicks and live flames.

  • Chemicals / flammable liquids can also ignite and cause a fire, these can ignite or explode if stored improperly.

  • Intentional /arson is unfortunately a reason for house fires, from attempts are injuring other people to the likes of insurance claims, some house fires are started on purpose!

  • Children playing with fire is another way in which fires can start, many children are intrigued by the flame and a box of matches in the wrong hands can be a disaster.

  • Sunlight is another way, though infrequent, that home fires can start. A badly placed make-up mirror, for example, can magnify light rays from the sun intensifying the light / heat and starting a fire if hitting upon a flammable surface.

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