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Common Property Problems to look our for

When you are viewing a property it is advised that you try to take away your eyes from the niceties and instead keep a look out for the not so nice features.

Let's face it, when we are looking to sell anything then we are likely to present it, or on this occasion our property, in the best possible light which might include cleaning it up, a few decorative touches here and there and maybe we might even try to hide away those few nasty bits - As bad as that sounds, it is fact!

So with this in mind we should always be looking out for the worst in the property we go to view over the best and certainly disregard the likes of lovely furniture, artwork or even a host looking to stand in the way or point you in certain directions!

Not all of us will be builders or surveyors so we will require a professional assessment of the property we are going to purchase when the time comes, though we can be eagle eyed in the meantime so to determine the quality of the property we are viewing and the likely problems we are going to have to resolve upon purchase.

Some basic property problems to look out for include:


  • Loose tiles / missing tiles / cracked tiles (roof).

  • Broken / missing guttering (especially cast iron) and look out also for vegetation / moss formulating in / on guttering. Look out for damp / moss staining on external walls around down pipes.

  • Cracks on brickwork / rendering which could signify foundation issues.

  • Loose rendering / missing rendering on external brickwork.

  • Check for any Japanese knotweed (open up images of #JapaneseKnotweed on your mobile phone to compare leaves etc).


  • Double glazing, check for any blown windows (dampness / staining between pains).

  • Dampness / water stains on any walls / ceilings. Dampness will also offer a smell so be alert for this too.

  • Radiators you should check to see if any rust (especially on valves), check for dampness on floor under values, if heating is on check each radiator to see if they are on (might be an easy remedy ie bleeding).

  • Check seals in bathroom especially around showers where missing / damaged areas could mean that water has been leaking in behind causing damage to wood work ie wet rot.

  • Check for any internal cracks on walls (and less so ceilings).

  • Note the quality of electric sockets / exposed wiring.

  • In any rooms with exposed wooden flooring check the quality of the timber ie watch out for any rot, dampness, woodworm etc.

  • If any item of furniture or house hold item looks awkwardly placed then it might have just been put there to hide something, if you can be brave enough to move it or look behind it!

Title image credit: Pixabay

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