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Do I need Planning Permission for a Balcony?

Balconies within apartment developments are not that uncommon, though on houses it is slightly less seen (unless those idealistic property by the sea). Have you ever lived in a house that had a balcony? I am sure most will say no...

For sure many property will not necessarily benefit from a balcony and it would be nothing more that a wasted investment if they were added, though from simply Juliet style to larger options accommodating furniture and even jacuzzies many people do opt for the addition of a balcony.

Do I need planning permission for a balcony? Yes, in most cases you will need to get planning permission. Juliet balconies can sometimes avoid permission and especially if added to the back of a property (your local planning adviser can advise you).

"Balconies, verandas and other platforms higher than 300 mm are denied Permitted Development status (allowing work without planning permission) under the relevant regulations: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland." source Britishsc

How much value does a balcony add to a house? Typically, a balcony can add more than one tenth to the value of the property, rising to a quarter for larger terraces and balconies in highly sought-after areas. source propertypressonline

Balconies are positive because:

  • The add floor area to the property.

  • They are visually please.

  • They offer the chance to enjoy views.

  • They offer a floor area outside on floors above group level.

  • They add value to your property.

Balconies are negative because:

  • They can block light to the floor area below.

  • They can be over exposed / exposed to weather / wind / rain.

  • They are not suitable for some families with pets / children.

  • They can be costly to install.

  • They can cause issues with close by neighbours.

Title image: Pixabay

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