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Front Gates to Luxury Real Estate

From the squeaky old wooden front gate struggling to remain on its rusted hinges to the remote control wrought iron masterpieces designed by the local artist, most of us will enjoy some frontage to our property / private road thus the need for gates.

When it comes to luxury real estate then it is more likely than most to require high level security gates and usually of a style and quality befitting that of the property it leads to.

There are many options when it comes to how visitors should enter your property / grounds with most being automatic opening and closing via key fob or security entry system (usually with live video / audio link). Some real estate will also provide gate keeper / security office and even (usually on more dated property with larger ground) a gate keeper house for 24/7 service.

Things to consider when purchases gates for your property entrance:

  • Any planning regulations / restrictions such as size / colours / materials / boundaries.

  • Your budget.

  • Your style of property and influence on the design of gates.

  • Size of project to include any relaying of flooring / pathways, foundations, electricity supply for lights / security / motors etc.

  • Size of entrance to allow for all vehicles and to be considered the likes of large trailers such as for boats / caravans etc.

  • Do you need to secure in children or pets?

Will the design effect the value of your property? Sometimes too lesser budget can have a negative effect as when re-selling the potential buyer may have to take down and re build so added costs. Are the gates way over what is required so can become an eye sore and devalue the property? Does it serve the purpose such as are they maximum security and not see through or are they more quaint and charming where someone can simply hop over and enter uninvited?

Today there is a massive choice to suit every requirement from off the shelf solutions to fully bespoke. It is useful to check online and study the variety of options available - a perfect place to start is this useful guide online entitle 40 Spectacular Front Gate Ideas and Designs.

Title image: Pixabay

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