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Haunted Homes - not a Problem when Selling!

I am fairly certain that most readers will be able to recount at least one old tail they've heard about regarding a haunted property or someone having seen ghosts roaming rooms or gardens. There might even be some who have experienced some paranormal activity themselves whilst walking to the bathroom at night or down in the cellar retrieving a bottle of wine...

Now of course, ghosts or ghosts sightings remain pretty much a fictional entity and firm proof is rather open to debate from photos to video recordings. There are many paranormal investigators (yes, just like the real GhostBusters) and also many TV shows dedicated to the subject, but we still remain very much without tangible proof that ghosts do exist.

"43% of Americans believe that ghosts exist." source techtimes

Let's not forget that some haunted property are only so because of certain items of furniture or art work such as paintings, beds, rocking chairs and more.

Many homes are said to be haunted / have paranormal activity recorded and at any one time you can find real estate for sale throughout the world that highlight this fact. It is less and less a turn off these days and in deed can be the opposite in adding an attraction to some buyers and even value. Most times these property will be older and have a lot of history, rarely do we see haunted new builds unless of course the area is noted as being a paranormal hotspot.

Many property, and this will have a negative effect on value, have seen previous murders / tortures / suicides and similar take place within them and this is a big turn off for buyers and most certainly worse if combined with being haunted by these past victims. There are many cases globally where such facts left out of the selling (property) details has seen legal action taken, ie such that the seller holds back such information if clearly known and was previously stated / recorded.

Haunted property is not necessarily a turn off. With the growing amount of TV series and films on the subject of paranormal activity there is a growing number of people interested in the subject. Property with light paranormal presence or even tales of friendly ghosts could attract buyers and especially from a younger generation. If the ghost activity is weighing down your chances of selling then simple updates on your property can sway buyers away from any negativity the ghosts may have - "A poll by YouGov (UK) revealed that 45% of people believe in ghosts, 32% do not, and 23% are not sure."

"37% of millennials would buy a haunted house over one that was not haunted if they got something like these features in return" source McGlone Mortgage Group

Title image: Pixabay

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