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Hidden Treasures in your Home

I'm sure that we all have some hidden treasures in our homes be it that wine collection or grandma's diamond encrusted broach. For some of us our treasures are in what they mean to us whereas to others it's all about their value in money.

Not all of our treasures are on show, most times they sleep for years tucked away in drawers and cupboards or maybe under lock and key in safes. We usually have hidden treasures that are purposely not on show for security reasons as well as for safety.

Have you though considered about hidden treasures in your home that do not belong to you? How about those which were left behind, those which were lost or purposely hidden? Have you ever considered if your homes contains more that the bricks and mortar you see on the outside?

If you start to think about hidden boxes in walls or floors, items left up in lofts, forgotten mementos in cellars, buried chests in gardens then you can star to figure out what the theme of this article is all about - Hidden and lost treasures you can find in your home.

Sometimes we find the odd item or two, usually of nominal value such as old toys / Christmas decorations up in the loft or left behind screwdrivers and spanners under the floor boards - Forgetfulness being the main culprit here and 9/10 it will be forgotten and left behind as it was not on the check list.

When it comes to finding items left behind decades or even centuries ago then those odd, random items can suddenly pick up in value and today be antiques / collectibles - What was once of nominal value back then may have increase immensely in value today.

"A contractor discovered a rare comic book in a wall he was tearing down. It was the first-ever appearance of Superman in Action Comics No. 1 from 1938. The comic had been used along with newspapers to insulate the walls. The rare comic sold for $175,000 at auction." source

Now imagine items that were hidden away from those who have since passed away or maybe even those who obtained them illegally? Though there might be some legal battles here if a third party (previous home owner) lays claim to them, you can still be in for a big pay day by discovering lost and stashed treasures.

Popular places to find hidden treasure in your home:

  • Basement / Cellar

  • Loft

  • Garden Outbuildings / Sheds

  • Under Floorboards

  • In Walls

  • Chimney / Fireplace

  • False Structures (partition walls, window sills, added roof voids).

There are many other potential hiding places at the home where previously items might have been stored - Sometimes it is good to use your imagination. Of course, I do not advise you to go through the house ripping it apart to look for something you are not sure even exists!

Remember that most times hidden treasures are found by chance and usually because building works of cleaning is being carried out ie loft conversions, knocking through walls, digging gardens.

Title image: Pixabay

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