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House For Sale

Where exactly do we start when we are searching for a house for sale?

Many of us for sure will be drawn to searching online, that mobile phone in our hand or that handy laptop as we sit in front of the television, the internet gives us most of the best real estate listings.

Outside of things online we can of course take a walk down the high street and pop in to estate agencies, the local newspaper will also hold listings, for sale boards will attract our attention and we might even get to hear of a house for sale by word of mouth.

Most property, especially in the UK, will rely upon an estate agent to sell their property from the conventional high street agency to the newer online agencies. We must not forget also that private listings will also be around with the likes of Facebook, eBay and local ads holding property listings. We can of course see property at auctions which is an increasingly common way to sell and purchase property.

Real estate such as land will sometimes be listed with estate agencies though likely to be with more specialist agencies and website concepts.

Places that will list a house for sale:

  • Property listing portals (Zoopla / Rightmove)

  • Estate Agency / Online Agency websites

  • Estate agency offices (high street)

  • Local Newspapers

  • National Newspapers

  • Property Auctions / Solicitors / Banks

  • Specialised websites

  • Facebook / Youtube and other social media channels

  • eBay / Auction Websites

  • Local shop window adverts

  • Word of Mouth

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