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How do I complain about my Estate Agent?

It is not a nice thought and we hope it does not happen though from time to time there comes a situation where we reach the point of needing to complain. Here we are looking at the estate agency sector and what you should do if you are unhappy about the service you have received from your estate agent.

Today it is very different to just a generation ago as many businesses are online and have reputations to maintain such as ratings websites and bad comments shared on social media. There are also official organisations that you can approach and expect to have your complaints investigated. This goes for most industries should you have complaints and most certainly for estate agency.

Depending on the reason for you complaint and the results you are ultimately looking to achieve from a mere apology to financial compensation, you should always try to follow a set pattern when making your complaint.

Blow are key points for when you have a complaint against an estate agency:

  • Speak to the estate agent directly and try and resolve the matter by ideally email first or / and also by telephone or face to face. Keep a record of who you spoke and what communications were made along with the outcome. At this point both parties will ideally try to resolve matters and find a solution.

  • Submitting your complaint to the Property Ombudsman. Here you will need to present you complaint and back things up with all available evidence.

  • Leave genuine feedback on estate agency review websites and also leave a complaint on the estate agency's social media page / account.

  • Share your complaint with the NAEA (National Association of Estate Agents).

  • Depending on severity of the complaint, you can also contact local media / press / citizens advise.

  • Take legal advice.

At all times you should try and remain respectful and yet firm. Record all communications and try and make each point of contact that you make traceable (emails are a great way to engage in recordable communication). Try and not to let the estate agent know your next plan should you not resolve the matter directly.

Most times the first step will get your complaint resolved, not estate agency wants to see they customer unhappy. Remember also that rogue estate agents still exist so prior research on who to choose is always advisable!

Title image: Pixabay

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