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How Much does a New Kitchen Cost?

'How long is a piece of string' you might ask, but there are ways in which you can look to calculate the cost of a new kitchen, though more importantly, there are ideas below that can help you when deciding which is the best option for you.

The kitchen is probably, for most standard housing, the most expensive room of the house to update / remodel / replace - Not too far behind is the bathroom. Now of course, if you have a larger property with the luxury of countless spare m2's, you may very well have cinemas, wine rooms, indoor swimming pools and more which are likely to total a lot more than a kitchen!

Let us take a look at the most costly parts of having a new kitchen installed:

Surprisingly so it has nothing to do with a new kitchen and instead the old one! You need to consider the surveying / demolition / recycling / and structural rebuilding as these parts can form a large percentage of the cost of having a new kitchen. Many of us will consider a kitchen to fit in to the place of the old one, but for some a kitchen is a whole new design and layout which could stretch to the building of extension areas, re-routing services etc.

Depending on how flashy you wish to be with appliances, another part which sees a large percentage spent on is the countertops. These can come in all forms from simply re-sing and re-surfacing countertops to those luxury options of granite and marble. If you go for the quality and the look then you are likely to pay a good 25% of the final install costs towards the countertops.

Now comes the one many of us would have thought of first and that's the appliances. Most of us will have a fridge freezer (American style if we are lucky), dishwasher, oven (with extractor fan) and some will have the washing machine and dryer also packed in. Outside of this further additional appliances could be wine fridges, coffee machines, microwaves etc.

Units will be next and many options again you can choose from such as simply replacing the handles / colours, to replacing just the doors and drawers to ripping out everything and starting again.

So, the main parts of the new kitchen we have touched upon, but how should we go about it?

Top tips for choosing your new kitchen:

When it comes to pricing your new kitchen it is far easier to commence by deciding what you budget is. Once a price is in your mind then you can search for options surrounding this price range and try and make what you are presented with to match your expectations.

There are many ways to go about pricing your new kitchen:

  • The best place to start is either your local national DIY store (who will usually provide an inhouse kitchen / bathroom replacement service. They will more often or not provide you with a detailed free quotation (via bespoke software on PC) that services all your needs and requirements. This price may fit within your budget or if not you can either work on cheaper solutions or if the price is more than affordable you can explore extras / upgrades. You can also visit national Kitchen specialists such as Wren Kitchens in the UK who will offer you the same service though usually with far better options and quality. At this stage you will know if a new kitchen is viable or not for you!

  • Contact local builder / DIY person. You can also request a basic quote from a local builder who will be able to price the whole job from ripping out old kitchen all the way to installing the units and connecting the appliances.

  • If a new kitchen is too expensive for now then you can go down two avenues that is renovating / updating your existing kitchen or purchasing a second hand kitchen. There are many ways to renovate a kitchen and there are fabulous ideas for you which are available on YouTube where people show you how to transform your kitchen on a budget. If you want to go for a second hand kitchen then you will be surprised that many sell great condition options such as from a newly built house / ex showroom etc - Check the likes of eBay and Facebook Ads.

  • Specialist / Bespoke designers and installers will be the luxurious way to go about a new kitchen. You can browse through brochures and catalogues or check the latest trends on Instagram / YouTube / Pinterest and have yourself a design all to yourself. From surveyors to interior designers, skilled craftsman to cutting-edge luxury appliances when money is no object then spending plenty will get you the stylish finish you are after.

Kitchen costings to include all labour and supply:

  • Renovating existing kitchen / second hand kitchens: Up to £5,000

  • Standard Kitchen via national DIY / Kitchen supplier: Up to £15,000

  • Local Builder: Up to £15,000

  • Specialist / Bespoke Designer: £25,000 +

Title Image: Pixabay

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