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How to construct a Balcony Garden

I have sat on many wonderful balconies enjoying some breath taking views, amazing drinks parties and even relaxed in a jacuzzi. Depending on the size of the balcony you have, what about transforming in to a place to grow your own!

Yes, a few pots and plants / flowers can liven up a bare balcony, add a bistro chair or two and come those warm sunny days then what an extension to your living area it can be.

For those who how crave some green finger work then life in an apartment can be difficult and frustrating unless you can rely on family and friends to lend you some garden space, or you've your own land / allotment area you can go out to. Some apartment owners have an option to enjoy a small slice of gardening by way of their balconies.

Many people enjoying wildlife and nature thanks to converting their balconies to a small outdoor oasis that full of life. No matter how smaller area you have to work with, lots can be achieve and grown.

Points to consider:

  • Weather: Is it particularly windy (higher up) or what sunshine are you to get (direction / facing).

  • Restrictions: Check with the leasehold contract to see if any restrictions are in place for growing plants, overhang / height allowance.

  • Weight: Do not try to over load your balcony space, large pots and soil can add up to a lot of extra weight.

  • Nuisance: Make sure the garden is well maintained. Avoid over too much over hanging / dripping water. Think about foliage / cuttings and make sure these are effecting close neighbours when they shed / fall.

Many people choose to own a balcony garden and harvest plenty of delights each year. There are quite a few channels on social media that you can follow and learn from - Here is an example:

It is good to set out a design at the early stage. How much:

  • Area do you wish to take up with the garden.

  • Money have you to invest.

  • Time you have.

... and the results you are seeking!

Start off by laying some extra flooring such as decking / plastic squares / composite. This will avoid you walking on puddles / slipping on smooth services.

  • Have you an external wall to add planting systems / pots to (are you allowed to - check lease hold contract).

  • Are you going to use raised garden beds or plant pots (maybe both).

  • Think about plant stands which will increase your m2 planting area.

  • Have you the height for a trellis?

  • Are you starting from seed?

  • Are you buying part / fully grown plants?

Title image: Pixabay

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