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How to get rid of Condensation / Mould

How many of us have or at least remember (most likely in our rental property) both condensation and the dreaded mould? Both of these nuisances in your home is never appreciated and can also be bad for your health too.

So, what is condensation and how does mould occur? Condensation is simply the moisture in the air turning from a gas in to a liquid. Condensation is caused when our home contains humid air which then goes on to meet cold surfaces such as windows (and walls). Each of our homes will usually have a degree of moisture in the air which the amount of will depend on our activities ie showering, bathing, cooking, breathing etc.

If your home or a room in your home becomes overloaded with moisture and the temperature inside is a lot warmer than outside then the heat will be looking to escape and take within it the moisture. The moisture at the point of contact with a cooler surface, such as the glass of your windows, will not be able to pass through and instead be left behind as the heat passes through. If our rooms are perfectly insulated then the heat and moisture in the air will remain airborne!

Mould forms from via: temperature, light, nutrients (food source), and PH (molds prefer a slightly acidic environment). It will thrive in an area that is regularly damp such as areas of walls and windows which are constantly moist due to condensation. Mould will grow in spores. Black mould, Stachybotrys Chartarum, is said to be bad for your respiratory health.

Mould can also attack semi permanent fixtures in your home such as wooden doors, furniture and even the likes of bed mattresses.

How do I get rid of condensation? The first think you need to think about is creating the correct ventilation for your house (or rooms where the condensation is worst). Think about airing your home such as via windows / fitting window trickle vents / air bricks or installing extractor fans (especially for bathrooms and kitchens). You can also purchase dehumidifiers.

Has your house too many plants? Plants can add extra moisture to the air.

When you are taking a steaming hot bath or having many pots with boiling water think about releasing the humid air out by opening windows during these key condensation causing times of the day.

You must keep on top of condensation, especially on windows, by wiping down the glass and ridding of any excess moisture.

Once you have removed the excess moisture then work to keep the area dry. If mould has formed then remove the dark spots carefully with a bowl of hot water and some washing-up liquid and using a clean cloth simply wipe down the effected area. From now on you must keep the area dry and avoid any excess moisture (otherwise the mould will come back). If you have larger areas of mould it would pay you to get professional help to include redecoration services.

Title image: Pixabay

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