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How to Make your Rooms Look bigger

For those of us living in tighter living areas and always battling against finding space then we could all do with a few space saving tips.

Declutter: Though it might sound obvious, sometimes we unknowingly add items to our rooms that we might not use and have been oblivious to. From boxes to unused chairs there will sure be an item or two that you can easily sacrifice.

Storage: Think about using up spaces that are not in use. For example swap a coffee table for a chest (internal storage space), add under bed drawers / boxes if there is room,

Downsize furniture: Have you over sized furniture from beds to the settee? Sometimes we can slim down furniture and yet they can still be comfy and practical.

Use wall area: How about shelving so using upright storage over lower and floor area consuming options. Think about wall mounting televisions where you can.

Mirrors: The use of mirrors will increase the size in your mind of a room. Bedrooms with mirrored wardrobe doors can add great depth.

Colours: Think about brighter colours and pastel over dark colours which absorb light more and give the impression of darker / tighter space.

Fabrics: Avoid the usage of heavy and dark curtains, think about lighter options such as roller blinds / blinds.

Lights: Try and have good quality lighting especially for the ceiling lights. If you can, then have at least wall lights or table / floor lamps in addition.

Title image: Pixabay

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