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How to Spot Bad Neighbours

One of the most annoying things you can discover when you move in to your new home is that you are stuck next door to, above or below or opposite problem neighbours.

Bad neighbours can end up bringing down the value of the immediate neighbourhood and most certainly to their immediate neighbours. Though at times it is simply pot luck who your neighbours are, you can do a small bit of research prior to give you a heads up on who you are likely to be moving in next door to.

Most times our neighbours are either side of us, two numbers up and two number down though we might also have, if living in an apartment, neighbours above us and below as well as opposite. From loud music through the walls to late night parties in the back garden, barking dogs on adjacent balconies to old bangers parked up on driveways - There are many weighs in that neighbours from hell can effect you.

How to spot a potential bad neighbour:

  • When you go to view a property take time it upon yourself to knock at each property either side to introduce yourself and let them know you are likely to be their future neighbour. Many times people are open to chatting and sometimes they can let on about possible faults on the property you are looking at and also will let on what the neighbourhood is like.

  • Drive past the property you wish to purchase several times over a period of at least one week to include different times of the day including week days and weekends. Is it busy, maybe lots of parked cars, loud music at night, people gathered outside, kids playing football outside etc.

  • Check for information on the local area via internet search and also, more importantly, via social media such as Facebook groups - Are there problem areas mentioned or maybe problem people? Check the area / street road / apartment block name to get to see if anything recently has been mentioned. Do not be afraid to ask the question yourself online such as 'what is this road like' or 'is this area good for bringing up children'.

  • Ask you estate agent for genuine advise to what area is the best and if they know of any issues with the property you are looking at, if they know something they have to tell you and certainly can not lie if they have information.

  • Look around and check for unkept gardens, rubbish in front gardens, noisy dogs, graffiti etc.

Title image: Pixabay

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