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Innovative Kitchen Sink Ideas

'Who wants to wash up the dishes' might not be everyone's cup of tea, but dirty mugs and teaspoons need cleaning unless of course you have a dish washer!

It might surprise some that today's options of kitchen sinks goes way beyond that old butler sink or the stainless steel design. There are countless brands and even dedicated sink merchants selling different shapes, designs, colours, materials, functions and more.

Kitchen sink options:

  • Single Basin

  • Double Basin

  • Top Mount

  • Under Mount

  • Integrated

  • Farmhouse

  • Drainboard

  • Corner

There are also specialised options such as so kitchen islands, bar (or commercial), prep sinks and more.

Materials include:

  • Stainless Steel

  • Pure Granite

  • Composite Granite

  • Soapstone

  • Copper

  • Ceramic

  • Fireclay

Innovation in sink designs are there to suit the diversifying needs of the consumer and to fit in with the design and layout required. Those days of a sink and draining board option only are well gone, today you can have the likes of motion sensing faucets for water Conservation, waste disposal units & boiling water taps.

Title image: Pixabay

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