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Islands of Croatia

Croatia's coastline is one of the most famous of Europe with nearly 5,835 kilometres to enjoy and 1,235 islands too which make for some of the most amazing tourism hotspots.

Croatia sits alongside the Adriatic Sea and neighbours Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. The capital is Zagreb which is located north of the country.

The islands are what makes Croatia a highly attractive tourist destination with stretches of wonderfully turquois sea to enjoy with white sandy / pebble beaches and many tiny islands of which most remain permanently inhabited. Each island offers its own unique character and tourism opportunities with shopping, fine dining and national parks just some of the options open to you.

Car ferries enable you to enjoy a Croatian island holiday in your own rented vehicle / camper or you can choose, as many do, to go on foot or by bike as there are several trials to follow and plenty of buses. Most of the islands which are habited will usually have the touristic parts closer to their ports.

The main islands to visit include Brijuni, Rab, Losinj, Susak and Dugi Otok. The largest islands are Krk and Cres (this is naturally larger, but the Romans cut a channel to separate it from what is now Losinj), with approx. 405 square km, and the smallest is Smokvica Vela, with only 1 Two of the islands, Jabuka and Brusnik, are of volcanic origin.

Title image: Pixabay

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