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Jacuzzis & Hot Tubs

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

A fairly recent trend and now with plenty of options. Jacuzzis and hot tubs have certainly been a popular addition to properties and gardens over the last few years. A toy for the rich and famous back in the 1980's whereas today homes across the UK will have a warm hot tub full of people enjoying the great English weather!

Today there are many manufacturers and suppliers from cost effect options to the luxury versions, all sizes, all materials, natural or electric powered and even one made from 24 carat gold!

What is the difference between a jacuzzi and a hot tub?

The answer will surprise many in that Jacuzzi is simply a brand name which makes hot tubs! They are all hot tubs and will generally have the similar functions in that they deliver warm water within an oversized (usually minimum two person) tub. The Jacuzzi brand element is the added jets of air that produce the famous bubbles and offer that welcoming massaging effect.

Most hot tubs will be for external usage, some are in door, and most are for multiple adults 2-6 the most popular size. Most stand independent though some are for in-built purposes. Options for hot tubs include:

  • Size / Capacity (measured in adult placements)

  • Cost

  • Inflatable or Regular (fixed / solid build)

  • Jets (Jacuzzi)

  • Waterfall / Fountain

  • Lighting

  • Speakers / TV screens

  • Electric / Eco-friendly (wood-fired)

  • Brand (Marquis / Vortex / Softub / Wellis etc)

Many will see a hot tub added to swimming pool areas (indoor and outdoor). We will also see hot tubs located in outside buildings, gazebos and pergolas.

Title image: Pixabay

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