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Living in Burgundy

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

If you are after experiencing the real rural life in France full of fine wines, gastronomy and lazy days sat admiring the views then Burgundy has to be top of your list. Located in the heart of France and several hours away from any coastline with Lyon and St Etienne just an hours drive away providing many travel options in and out the country.

"I have lived in different countries and I must say that in Burgundy you could truly lose yourself and it remains everything it was a generation of two ago, the simply life with most things left untouched and importantly un-spoilt. If you are looking to relocate to France for peace and quiet and to enjoy the countryside, markets, views and more then you must consider Burgundy."

I enjoyed a few years living in the Brionnais region which is located in the southern part of Burgundy and a short drive from the well known wine regions of Beaujolais and Burgundy with Macon only an hour away. The beauty of the Brionnais region is that it is spacious, you can enjoy the splendours of the countryside yet remain not too far away from all your require in scattered villages and towns of the region. Villages and hamlets remain as they were years ago and you get the feeling that no over population has occurred in fact probably numbers are down as the younger generation refrain from following family history and enter farming preferring to move to the cities where better pay and job prospects are available.

Property prices are rather flat as of late 2019, back in 2012 they were much higher so bargains can still be found. Those looking for that farmhouse to renovate sat on a few acres of land will not be disappointed by investigating what is for sale in the southern part of Burgundy. Prices are around 50,000 euros for smaller renovation projects and remember that prices stated should always be haggled down - If you are lucky you can pick up a smaller renovation project such as those within smaller villages / hamlets from 20,000 euros.

Brionnais forms part of the 'Charolais-Brionnais' region which is well known for it's yellow stone farmhouses, Charolais beef, rolling hill and valleys with plenty of rivers and canal routes. Towns to look out for include Marcigny, Semur-en-Brionnais, St Christophe en Brionnais, Charolles and Paray le Monial.

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