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Living in Famous Houses / Buildings

There are many famous houses across the world especially those that have appeared in films and TV shows / News. I'm sure if I said the 'Home Alone' house you'd all be able to picture that property clearly or how about the Ghostbusters firehouse?

Owning and living in a famous property sounds a fantastic scenario and especially if the fame the property has is in something you love - I can remember a few years back that the house from the movie Goonies was available and how I would have loved to purchase and live there!

Most times the fame is the outside of the property, less so the inside or back gardens. Usually the inside would not have been used for any filming as this will take place at the film studio instead.

At any one time across the world real estate for sale will include a few gems from the movies. It will be expected that the property will carry a pricier valuation simply because of its fame. Not all homes will be known to everyone and instead to a select audience instead ie in the UK there is a simple yet effect concept of the Blue Plaques which commemorates a link between that location and a famous person, event, or former building on the site, serving as a historical marker.

So a famous house can be once filmed within a movie, it could have housed a famous person, it might hold an important story in history - This mostly will be positive though can at times be negative such as when famous murders happen / disasters etc.

What you must consider when purchasing a famous property:

  • You will likely pay a premium for the property.

  • You will likely have frequent visitors outside taking photos / videos / interviews.

  • You might have impolite visitors that unknowingly trespass to get those special shots.

  • You might have people knocking / ringing the door or entrance gates - You might need to install high gates / walls / edges and have added security.

  • You might get constant mail (both by post / email) with fans wanting to get in touch.

  • You might be able to use the fact that the property is famous and turn it in to a business such as renting rooms (AirBNB), allowing for guided tours, opening a museum etc.

Where are some famous movie property located (outside shots)?

Home Alone House: Winnetka, Illinois, USA.

GhostBusters Firehouse: 14 N Moore St TriBeCa, New York City, USA.

Goonies House: 368 38th Street, Astoria, Oregon, USA.

Mrs Doubtfire House: 2640 Steiner, San Francisco, USA.

Harry Potter House (Number Four Privet Drive): Little Whinging, Surrey, UK.

Example of famous house videos on YouTube:

Title image: Pixabay

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