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Living in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

A city that I have visited a few times and enjoyed a few glasses of Slovenian wine at friends houses who live in and around this attractive and, for me, a cosmopolitan European city.

The capital of Slovenia and with a population of 277 554, it serviced by an international Jože Pučnik Airport where daily flights from the UK arrive (London, Manchester, Birmingham).

"Legend has it that Ljubljana was founded by the Greek mythological hero Jason and his companions, the Argonauts, who had stolen the golden fleece from King Aetes and fled from him across the Black Sea and up the Danube, Sava and Ljubljanica rivers." source

We must not forget the recent history of Slovenia which saw its declaration of independence from Yugoslavia on 25 June 1991 following the Ten-Day War.

Ljubljana is somewhat centrally located in Slovenia with good road routes to and from its beaches on the Mediterranean to the neighbouring countries of Italy, Hungary, Austria and Croatia.

The city itself sees a fine collection of shopping delights from fashion stores to those for tourists, plenty of restaurants and bars can also be found. Picturesque bridges and the central market are top attractions along with green dragon spotting - There is also a castle on the hill (quoted to be constructed in the 11th century and rebuilt in the 12th).

Property in Ljubljana:

In recent years the price of property in this thriving city has increased along with demand. Centrally located real estate is at a premium and prices relax as you enter the suburbs of which some are little tired looking. Somewhat strict planning restrictions along with increasing demand for property sees many feeling that prices will continue to increase over the next ten years. Tourism is strong and with the likes of Airbnb and other similar property rental platforms, many people are taking advantage of the growing popularity of Ljubljana as a European tourism destination.

City centre property for sale, many being apartments, are fairly expensive and especially those offering any kind of views or easy access by foot to amenities. Prices can at times be compared to that of London, I viewed a couple of apartments (1 bed) and each were 500,000€ plus and dare I say relatively standard in regards to interior design and layout.

Where to find property for sale in Ljubljana:

Outside of taking a trip to Ljubljana and browsing the property for sale with an agent, you can see a decent selection of property via real estate websites and national / international property portals to include Rightmove and Indomio.

There are also many independent estate agents online you can view property on such as Slovenia Estates. Maybe you are looking to rent initially, then think about checking social media groups such as this one:

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