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Living Next Door to Paris

Set within 41 square miles (105 square kilometres) with a current population (as of 2021) of 2.1 million residents (central), Paris is a huge capital city hosting a never sleeping urban lifestyle. Paris received 12.6 million visitors in 2020 and is home the same famous landmarks to include the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame Cathedral.

"Paris and its suburbs = approximately 11 million population."

The capital of France and for many, romance too, also holds wonderful restaurants, bars, theatres, museums (the Louvre holds the famous Mona Lisa) and conveniently airports and international train stations (Orient Express departs from Paris to Istanbul).

This obviously makes for a high valued real estate market and especially those which are located centrally. Like any major city or town there are also lesser favoured areas containing more run down accommodation mostly home to those requiring government benefits / on minimum wages. One moment you are walking down picturesque streets with boutiques and just a few street corners away you can hit an unfriendly and run down pocket.

There is a big problem with homelessness in central Paris. Crime is unfortunately high also with a particular problem being pickpockets. Graffiti is also very common in Paris!

Many say that Paris never sleeps and this is certainly the case, do not expect to live centrally and enjoy a peaceful setting - not only does hospitality / entertainment keep the streets alive at night, but the French are known for protests and many take place centrally.

Many areas of the city of Paris are classed as bad neighbourhoods to avoid and even ghettos. "Paris 19th is the most criminogenic place in entire France. The crime rate is very high, delinquency, antisocial and hostile behaviours have evolved a lot. the most sensitive districts of Paris if found are Riquet Stalingrad, Cambrai, Place des Fêtes, Danube, Belleville, Jaurès, Ourcq-Rue Petit-Laumiere, etc." source sea france holidays

As you move away from central Paris (30 minutes plus) you will hit the towns and quieter fringe suburbs. Many will still have easy transport access to the capital to include road and rail. If you can accommodate the extra travel time and distance away then you will greatly reduce your property price costs and living costs. You must check the area by searching online, most times it is reported if the area is good / bad or quiet / busy and also what the nationality is of the community.

A typical luxury apartment in central Paris with views will likely be over 2€ million and can reach 40€ million and beyond. As an example, a luxury duplex apartment in Paris 7th with direct facing views of the Eiffel Tower comes in at £33,368,800.

If living next to Paris is enough from you, enjoying things from a short distance then an example is a studio apartment located at the limit of the 3rd, 10th and 11th arrondissements of Paris is on the market for £299,484.

Further away at 30 minutes plus from the capital then prices and what you get for your money changes immensely. A four bedroom house with gardens in Plaisir (38 minute drive / 23 miles to Paris) will set you back 334,000€.

Title image: Pixabay

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