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Living on the Water

There are many ways in which we live on water these days. Of course, what comes to mind first are boats to include barges with many people opting for a life on the waterways. We also see house boats which are more in the architectural design of cabin homes and these are appearing more at city waterway locations with usually a fixed living term allowance.

"Let us not forget that water accounts for two thirds of the Earth's surface."

Outside of boats, we also see sustainable projects such as developments on water (floating homes), permanently set with utilities and postal addresses. Many of these will be for short term usage such as holiday lets, but there is an increasing interest in people swapping their land homes for water homes. Designs and Materials with be lightweight including steel frames and wooden panelling.

"The IJburg neighbourhood is the latest district of Amsterdam built over a number of artificial islands which have been raised from the IJmeer lake. The ambitious project is still under construction, but more than 20,000 people have already moved in. When complete, the neighbourhood will have 18,000 homes for 45,000 residents as well as schools, shops, leisure centres, restaurants, and beaches." source amusingplanet

Homes on stilts have been around for a long time, usually in Asian countries and mostly for those who work on the water such as fishing / transportation. These have worked well for generations and continue to do so today.

There are many wonderful vacation property / cabins that are on water. These will range from floating options to those on stilts either wooden or concrete piled. Magical destinations across the world from the Bahamas to the Maldives.

Title image: Pixabay

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