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Luxury Baths

It undoubtedly is going to be all about the options of inset or freestanding when it comes to baths for our homes. Lots will be down to the size of the bathroom you have (what can you fit in) and also your budget.

At the very low end of the market will be the cheap freestanding panel baths set to fit in those tighter layout bathrooms - All the ugly stuff is hidden away underneath and you only need to worry about a side or two sides to panel to blend in with the decor.

It may be some years since the fashion was loud colours such as pink, sky blue or spearmint green for the main three (bath, toilet and sink) and today we are at more neutral colours of lighter shades of white. I am not even sure if anyone is going for the black suits with the golden taps!?

We must not forget the likes of circular baths, corner baths, easy access, L-Shaped, P-Shaped, sunken and more which adds to our choice!

If we have that bit more space and a touch more budget then we can really explore the splendour of luxury bath suppliers and their endless catalogues.

Luxury Bath Options:

  • Freestanding Copper / Brass Baths - Usually starting from around £3,000 and of such visual quality that they ideally need a fair bit of space to show themselves off.

  • Jacuzzi / Whirlpool Baths - If you want bubbles in your bath to relax to then plenty of options are available to include classy clear glass side panel options and those with programmable lighting.

  • Two Person Baths: Yes, if you have the space then we can increase your bath size. These options are usually in the whirlpool world of baths.

  • Built-in TV Baths: There are a few luxury bath options that incorporate large TV screens / stereos / speakers etc.

  • Bespoke Baths: These can incorporate side panel fish tanks, those with computer console control side panels and more.

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