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Luxury Televisions for your Home

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

What makes for a luxury television set these days? Is it simply the size, maybe the technology, the name, the materials, the functions?

In today's world we no longer see television as the box in the corner of the living room, it is very much portable today from mobile phones to tablets to television sets for bathrooms and outdoors. There are many suppliers of standard television sets that most consumers would look to purchase from main retailers with brands such as Samsung, Phillips, Sony being some of the most popular.

There are also manufacturers that go one step beyond.

One such example is VideoTree who, with 21 years of experience, are leading supplier of luxury television sets for the home to include outdoor and bathroom options with also mirror.

"As the need for even more versatility soars alongside a demand for increasingly high performance, Videotree is constantly evolving our range. Every Videotree product has been designed following intensive research and development and every pioneering HD TV solution we create ensures we’re renowned for continuing to make waves in product design – and changing the way you live".

These mirror televisions sets are hidden within stylish mirror options. What are mirror televisions? A mirror TV or TV mirror is a television that can change into a mirror. Mirror TVs are often used to save space or hide electronics in bathrooms, bedrooms and living rooms. Mirror TVs can be integrated into interior designs, including in smart homes, hotels, offices, gyms, and spas. source Wikipedia

Title image source and copyright: Videotree

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