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Outside Lighting options for your Home

Importantly, it is always a good idea to have outside lighting for your home in that it helps to reduce crime and also adds to the curb appeal. To introduce outside lighting to your property does not have to be a costly exercise and neither a complicated one.

Today there are vast options for outside lighting to suit all your requirements. From solar to mains connected, sensor to those on timers, lights are usually placed in to different categories - Starting from the front of the house to the back:

  • Front wall / pier lights / lamps.

  • Inset brick lights.

  • Driver over / Walk over floor lighting.

  • Lamp post lights / post lights.

  • Porch lights.

  • Wall lights / Up & Down lights.

  • Spot Lights.

  • Flood lights.

  • LED lights.

  • Garden spot lights.

  • Outdoor decking lights.

  • Solar stick lights.

We will no doubt be missing some categories, but the above will contain the more popular reasons that we seek to install lighting outside. The main reasons we install outside lights include:

  • Security: Outside lighting, especially those permanently on) will put off potential petty thieves / vandals as they will be seen in action. Sensor lighting will also alert you to movement especially when attached to security systems such as Ring.

  • Curb Appeal: Outside lighting will improve the look of your property during evening / night time. A well light property will be eye catching and can bring out the valuable features of your home.

  • Garden Appeal: By placing out external lighting in the gardens you can enjoy the view of your garden evening when the sun as gone down. The likes of pathways, walls and trees can be highlighted.

  • Ease of Movement: Lighting will help your guests safely approach your property as well as movement in your gardens. When it comes to the likes of attending to bins of an evening (putting bins out for collection) can all be made easier with outside lighting.

  • Usage of External Areas: Maybe you wish to use outside space during the evenings from late night drinks to enjoying a dip in the hot tub. To have adequate lighting will make getting about easier and safely.

There are many more options to include type of lighting / bulbs, strength / radius of lighting, source of power (solar / mains), wifi connected, colours and much more.

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