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Prosecco - Creamy Wines and a Dreamy location

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

I have visited the Prosecco region of Italy fourteen times now and I have kind of fallen in love with the region. I share with you the reasons why...

So you are looking to discover wine tourism or maybe it is your dream to live in a wine region of Europe? The Prosecco region is located in the Northern part of Italy and less than an hours drive away from Venice.

“Each time I visit the region of Prosecco I discover something new and am further mesmerised by the regions beauty.”

The Prosecco region of Italy is an explosion of vines, gastronomy, property, wines and tourism that for me and the subjects I cover in journalism it is simply right up my street. The amazing 20,000 hectares of vineyards along with dreamy hill top villages make it a wonderful wine tourism destination and if you add a fine selection of hotels and restaurants you will not be disappointed if it is on your to visit list.

Prosecco Property

The region of Prosecco is vast and though there is plenty of valleys and hills there is much of the region which is flatter and much of it is covered in blankets of vineyards. There is very much Prosecco region and then the heart of the Prosecco region.

Property prices remain rather flat still in Italy which means that even such a beauty spot of the Prosecco region you can find some very reasonable priced property from apartments in towns / villages to small farmhouses. Take note that is you are after land with vines then it is a different thing altogether in that some areas of vineyards are in the million of euros per hectare.

Nonetheless I have visited a few property for sale that were under 75,000 euros and were the perfect renovation projects with stunning views and build it traditional stone with a decent sized garden / land with outbuildings. Apartments are also an option and I have visited though which offer one bedroom within a busy market village for no more than 65,000 euros.

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Prosecco Food & Wine

You will be spoilt for choice both from the local produce available at the markets and shops to the fine dining experience that awaits you are restaurants and bars across the region. The Italian love their food and their wine (you can enjoy still wines from the Prosecco region too) and they are happy to share this passion with you.

Some fine restaurants I found to be located in Asolo and especially the Hotel Villa Cipriani where is the weather is with you then the gardens offer a magnificent location to sit and enjoy your meal with stunning views.

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