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Raised Beds in the Garden

A popular addition to the garden are raised beds. Especially for smaller more compact gardens or those set out for landscape design projects. These simple yet effected additions to your garden be both visually and practically effective.

Key reasons for installing raised beds:

  • Ease of management: Raised beds make it far easier for those with mobility issues to manage their plants. The raised beds can be set at the convenient height so to reduce bending, kneeling and other strenuous on the body activities. Many times raised beds will enable a person to sit on a mobility chair and manage their plants.

  • Drainage: The design of raised beds can allow for better drainage of the soil though this may also mean that more frequent watering will be needed.

  • Soil temperature: By raising the soil and encasing in smaller wooden casing it is more likely that the soil will be warmer during Spring / Summer time.

  • Root health: When using raised beds you are able to fill the area with the soil / fertiliser of your choose giving your richer growing conditions for your plants.

  • Visual: Raised bed look great in the garden and give a more professional and caring character which will appeal to potential buyers. Though many enjoy allotments in gardens, especially on larger plots, easier to manage solutions such as raised beds are preferred.

Most raised bed can be either purchased locally at garden stores or relatively easily made at home. When making your raised beds you can either opt for new wood or go to your local recycling centre and pick up old wooden planks ie those from decking. A simple square or rectangular (other shapes if you so wish) supported at each corned with a stronger piece of wood that protrudes so to help fix to the ground. Make sure you protect the wood around the edges with plastic sheeting and ideally lay the base with sheeting to stop weeds growing up through existing ground area.

Title image: Pixabay

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