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Real Estate: Lock Keepers, GateKeepers, Station Houses

I have visited a few people who own such property over the years, most times they are simply the cutest and compact homes with period features outside and in. I have yet to be invited to a station house or level crossing house though I can imagine by train enthusiasts that it would be a dream residence.

Surprisingly enough there are quite a few real estate listings for such homes across the world. Most are lock and gate keeper houses which many are in active service today.

Lock keeper property will most times be run on a voluntary basis and the property located near to the gate be in ownership of British Waterways (now the Canal & River Trust). Sometimes they are released for sale to the public (most times by auction) and some real gems can be acquired giving the new occupants a wonderful new life by the water or an ideal holiday rental property.

GateKeeper property are they most amazing real estate with picture perfect examples across the world with many in and across Europe (UK and France holiday some great examples). These property will likely have serviced the entrance to large wealthy estates / chateau and can at times be a mini version of the main residence or at least constructed in the similar design and almost certainly of same materials and build quality.

Station house / Level Crossing house is another quite particular them of property yet once again with a fair few after them. Most times people live close by the rail tracks with many gardens backing on to them in the urban areas especially large cities with networks of railways. Though some might see the noise from the trains as a negative (though most people living by the railway tracks will admit that you learn to ignore the noise) there are other enthusiasts who would realise the activity of passing trains. Trainspotting is a popular past time for many today.

Title image: Pixabay

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