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Real Estate: Top Must Have Local Points of Interest & Activities

Nearly every one seeking property will have the requirement of at least a few local services be it airports or food halls, hospitals or the Church. Even if we have purchased that remote property tucked away on a large plot of land with the idea to live a reclusive lifestyle, you will still likely rely on external services.

Property prices can be greatly effected by its location - Not only is it about what the area looks like, but also what it provides. There are some things that we want to know are within easy reach even if we prefer not to live directly next door to them. The perfect location is that they are all easily accessible, not too far yet not too near.

When it comes to points of interest and activities that most people seek in day to day living, usually a more urban lifestyle, then the following are likely to be on the requirement list:

  • Schooling: Many with younger families will be attracted by the quality of local schools and especially private schools. This will stretch to college and university requirements.

  • Transport: We all need to travel to and from somewhere be it to work or holidays so a quality connection to main cities will be helpful especially main line train stations, airports and main road routes. It is best that these are local, but far enough away not to effect property values.

  • Shopping: For sure the popularity of purchasing items online has increased to include both household items as well as food, but many of us will still need to pop to the local store for one thing or another. A local town, retail centre / shopping centre is favourable though again not to be on top of your property. This could also be the likes of village markets for those who live more rural.

  • Hospitality: We may be wishing to get away from noisy bars and nightclubs, but it remains popular to live nearby the likes of famous Michelin Star restaurants headed by famous chefs or trendy wine bars. Many people will want to socialise fairly local and having top hospitality options will greatly appreciate your property value.

  • Entertainment: As much as we like to eat out we also like to be entertained when spending the day / evening out. This can take all forms, but a local theatre / cinema can help as well as sports clubs / gyms.

  • Nature & Wildlife: People are also attracted to the simple things in life so any maintained / protected parks, beaches, canals, rivers and more will be an added bonus.

  • Health: The proximity of the doctors / hospital will be of great importance to some, especially any specialists. Also we must consider Vets too.

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