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Riga - The European city of fine architecture

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

Wine tasting travels take me far and wide these days which I am very thankful for as not only do I get to discover fabulous tasting grape juice I also get a chance to embrace the location where they are grown. Another part of my travels includes gastronomy and exploring many different cuisines and making a name for themselves chefs.

Only a couple of years back I travelled over to Latvia and took a gastronomic tour around its capital city of Riga (over 600,000 population). It was a wonderful few days spent there where you are certainly advised to look up as you walk along the streets so to not miss the beauty of some buildings - Today we tend to spend much more time looking down at our mobile phones!

"The city is refreshing, it is alive and vibrant yet it can also share with you a darker history. The restaurants and bars are a must visit and there is quite a varied spread of cuisine to experience with an abundance of up and coming young chefs making a name for themselves."

Latvia is quite an impressive European country that I am very pleased to have crossed off from my 'to visit' list. Around the capital city are beaches, museums, gastronomy, architecture and more to discover - Riga's art nouveau buildings, KGB Museam, Jūrmala beach and Riga Central Market are to name just a few of the places you can see whilst you are there.

Be prepared to see both old an new in the capital city of Rija, both beautiful art nouveau buildings (over 600 of them) yet also old run down wooden structures that still hold character and history yet tone down the smarter appearance of other parts of the city. The city is alive of new buildings hitting the horizon and it certainly feels that this city is going to be one that is admired globally for its tourism pulling power.

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