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Rightmove or Zoopla?

The two big powerhouses when it comes to property portals in the UK. Founded in 2000 and 2007 respectively, Right and Zoopla as the two most frequently visited websites that people turn to when looking for their next property purchase.

Rightmove leads with the better overall visit figures by almost double with 120 million hits a month average over Zoopla's 60 million. When it comes to property listings then again Rightmove takes the chequered flag with approximately 1.1 million listings over Zoopla's total of just under 1 million.

Each platform are quite unique in design and capabilities. Usually Rightmove's feedback will out weigh that of Zoopla, though both will remain below average and especially from estate agents where usually figures between 2 to 3 out of 10 will be the score on general usage / value for money.

Fees wise then Zoopla leads with regards to cheaper costs, Rightmove are endlessly targeted due to their ever increasing fees which is always a big topic of conversation on line.

They say around 90% of estate agents use Rightmove whereas Zoopla appeals to much less of the market.

Features on either websites are quite different though Rightmove will lead we more innovation and helpful tools for consumers such as 'draw a search' where you can use their mapping system and highlight an area where you would like to search for property over simply added town names / postcodes etc. Rightmove also offer keyword searches, floorplans, market info, sold prices and more. Zoopla relies a lot on data with features such as area stats, Running Costs Calculator, heat map tools are more.

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