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Searching for Champagne in London

I have been lucky enough to visit countless venues across London that have Champagne on their menu from the usual suspects such as Veuve Clicquot and Meot et Chandon to the harder to find vintages and lesser known labels such as growers.

"There is a great diversity of bars and restaurants in London and in most cases there will be a Champagne or a selection of on the menu. To be honest, if it is just only the usual suspects that are available then the venue will not be sufficiently ranked as a Champagne bar in my mind - I will be looking for care and effort put towards the Champagne menu with labels that I know are a real tasting experience and I hope to be surprised by labels I have yet to taste yet."

From roof top bars to a glass of fizz on a boat ride along the River Thames, Champagne can be experienced in a wide range of locations and situations in London - I've had a glass of bubbly in an ice bar and also whilst sat in a Jacuzzi gazing at the few stars in the night sky able to peer through the light pollution.

For sure it is location, location, location that makes a venue and attracts your interest, but what about the selection, selection, selection once you are there? The Champagne locations that stick out for me have been the ones that the selection have made an impression.

Where to enjoy Champagne in London?

One such location with what is fast becoming one of the biggest traditional sparkling wine menus thus a long list of little known and impressive flavours of Champagne producers is Champagne Route who are based in the city area of Wapping. Just a few minutes from Tower Bridge and St. Katharine Docks with a vibrant young professional working community residing in desirable converted warehouses.

What impresses me about Champagne Route bar is the passion to supply customers with an ever increasing selection of Champagne that enables each visitor a complete journey of tasting experiences from the beginner up to the connoisseur with standard little known bruts and rosés to special labels from select parcels of land to classic vintages. You will not find Champagne that you can buy from the supermarket, but more Champagne that you'd have to spend a long time finding - If you visit the Champagne Route bar you are welcomed in to many years of buying experience and owners who know what special flavours can be discovered and enjoyed.

You can also learn about Champagne at this bar with frequent tastings and masterclasses that are held there. Fine cuisine is also available from lunch to dinners and many of the dishes are designed to pair with sparkling wines from the menu.

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