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Selling a LifeStyle in your Property

Many of us spend lots of time, be it when we are looking for a new property or not, looking at homes both online and via publications such as magazines. There is something quite satisfying looking through property listings, especially those fab properties with magnificent photos, and imagining ourselves sat in that luxury bath, reading a book in front of the roaring open fire or taking a dip in the heated outside swimming pool.

What makes for some of the better photos of luxury real estate is the staging - How things are positioned exactly where they need to be so to paint a perfect picture. So what about giving viewers the same kind of visual experience of imagining the lifestyle that they could enjoy owning your property.

Selling a lifestyle is an important aspect of achieving an offer and a buyer - Sometimes it is a simple action needed only so to bring living spaces alive.

Outside: Place seating and tables plus the likes of fire pits so to show what sitting about and enjoying the sunny rays in your garden / on your balcony could be like. Rather than an empty patio or flat freshly cut lawn, think seating (including sun loungers). If you can, also add well maintain plant pots / planters.

Inside: If you have extra space and rather than either filling it up with your hoarded items or clearing it out and simply sticking in a single bed think about an activity room. You could go for a small gym / yoga room or artist studio / music room. Make rooms more inviting such as the kitchen where the likes of a library of cookery books can give the feel that quality time is spent preparing food.

Bathrooms should be inviting, many people spend a lot of time enjoying that relaxing hot bath, add the likes of plants / magazines / candles and more to increase the ambiance.

Bedrooms can sometimes be a touch neglected, get up in the morning and a quick throw of the duvet is enough to qualify it as being made. Plump up the pillows, add the likes of neatly folded dressing gowns / PJ's on the bed. Place slippers either side and add some books to bedside cabinets.

Title image: Pixabay

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