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Selling Empty Luxury Real Estate

For most people it sounds somewhat less appealing to view a property that is empty over than one that is full of wonderful furnishing and visibly holds a happy lifestyle. Empty properties can appear uninviting, cold, dull and evening eerie.

It is not advisable, if you can choose not to, that you vacate a property prior to selling. Of course life happens and we can see times that an empty property is unavoidable such as deaths, divorces and sudden change of circumstances. At times people will hold more than one property in their portfolio and can afford to move their main furniture from one property to another without the pressing need to sell in between time.

Potential buyers like to see property lived in not only that it can make them appreciate what living in it would appear like, but also to understand better the size of rooms when they are furnished. An empty property makes it far more difficult to obtain an understanding what the house furnished with luxury items would look like.

There will be of course those who will appreciate better a property that is empty for it gives them a clear picture of room sizes. Without the distraction of the finest luxury furnishing, the potential buyers can instead visualise their own items.

Marketing an empty property is also a challenge in that photos / videos will not appear as engaging and instead merely a blank canvas. Empty properties also can raise questions and concerns, why the need to vacate the property so quickly!

You can of course hire furniture / stage the property if you so wish, this process is used for many show houses. For luxury real estate then price to do this would be very costly.

Title image: Pixabay

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