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Should I Purchase a Property close to a Football Stadium?

There are plenty of pros and cons on this subject, personal preferences and different types of football stadiums.

Across the UK football is a greatly loved pastime from take the children over to play in the Sunday league to the five a-side team of the local pub. Some teams will play at the local park and even a place to get changed and showered will be a luxury to those new build stadiums of Premiership football clubs.

Even the bigger football clubs in the four top tier leagues will vary greatly in quality of stadium from those which have seen better days and badly in need of investment, to those recently constructed, hosting close to 100,000 supporters, architectural wonders.

Stadiums can be old and quite an eye sore, they can also be quite bold in design / colours and grabbing of all the attention, they can also blend in nicely with local modern residential developments surrounding them.

Pros to living close to a Premiership Football Stadium:

  • For football lovers it means you are living close to your home ground thus minutes walk away from your home season ticket seating and minutes also to get back home. after the game. To some, looking out over the stadium will be a dream come true.

  • Extra business the stadium / supporters bring to the local community.

  • Travel connections will usually be plentiful from road to rail.

  • Premiership football clubs have immense following so selling property in immediate vicinity should be without difficulty.

Cons to living close to a Premiership Football Stadium:

  • Added traffic / parking issues during games.

  • Added noise during the game and before/after from supporters.

  • Potential to see clashes between supporters / property damage / extra discarded rubbish.

  • If the football club falls from the Premiership to lower leagues the finances will also fall that could mean the stadium / ground could deteriorate and the desirability to live near by falls.

Title image: Pixabay

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