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Simple Tricks to add Value to your Home

You will be very surprised, but there are countless tiny updates that you can perform around your property to add value (both financial and lifestyle). Most of these will be either free or at very little cost to you so there is no excuse for not taking on at least some of the following:

  1. Updating light switches: Most homes will have general standard white plastic light switches and plug sockets. Updating to chrome or even a choice of colours and new designs will be a big improvement to standard fixings.

  2. Updating door furniture / locks: Another easily bypassed everyday usage item in the home are door handles and locks. I am sure if you check these now you will see they are of standard design and do not add any value to the door in looks. Browse options online / at your local DIY store and you will see there are many options and plenty much better than what you have.

  3. Updating doors: Some property, mostly new built, will have very standard / plain doors usually of a standard manufacturing. Doors come in many different designs and materials. Think about updating to pine panelled doors which will be surprisingly not an overly expensive exercise. Kitchen units can also be updated (doors and / or handles).

  4. Cleaning Carpets / Paving: Many homes will be surprised by the original colour of carpets and outside paving used to be. Thinking about hiring carpet cleaning machines / pressure washers can showcase cleaner colours.

  5. Garden Maintenance: Simple actions of de-weeding and grass cutting can warm up the appeal of your home - make it look loved and well maintained. A couple of pots outside the front door or hanging baskets full of colourful flowers will brighten up the curb appeal.

Title image: Pixabay

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