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Sparkling Wine from Slovenia

The capital of Slovenia is Ljubljana (also the country’s largest city) and is pronounced: LYOO-BLYAH-NA. You will find it nestled in the heart of Europe neighbouring Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia.

There is nothing more joyful in the world of wine than when we discover a new wine region or winery. The world of wine holds an incredible depth of variety such as the splendour of our global terroirs to include winemaking styles. There are simply 100,000’s of wineries and probably well over a million labels to explore when counting vintages too. Over 10,000 varieties of grapes and with many of them combined to make blends, it’s grab your calculator time so to realise the amount of wine digit delights!

Some readers will be familiar with Slovenian wine so hats off to you – Though for others yet to discover this wine region then read on for some further information and useful note taking facts:

The Oldest Vine in the World – This is located in Maribor, Slovenia:

Let’s start off with a very important record that Slovenia holds and that is the oldest vine in the world! Located in Maribor (the country’s second largest city and popular wine tourism destination) the vine is said to date back some 400 years and is officially included within the Guinness Book of Records. The vine stands outside the Old Vine House which includes a museum and tasting room – There are annual events that take place within and outside so do check the official website to find out more:

Wine regions of Slovenia:

Podravska containing Prekmurje / Štajerska / Bizeljsko Sremič

Primorska containing Goriška Brda / Kras / Vipavska Dolina / Slovenska Istra

Posavska containing Dolenjska / Bela Krajina

Famous for it's sparkling wines, Slovenia hold many trophies and medals globally to include over 100 from the London Champagne and Sparkling Wine awards.

Popular grape varieties in Slovenia (53 in total are permitted):


Istrian Malvasia

Šipon (Furmint)









Sauvignon Blanc

Pinot Grigio

“Wine production is a part of history as well as the modern everyday life of Slovenia. It began with the Celts in the 3rd and 4th centuries BC, when wine-growing was thriving at the time of the Roman Empire. The fact that wine has always been a significant part of life in this territory is tellingly corroborated by the fight for the right to trade in wine, the so-called wine war between Maribor and Ptuj, which lasted over 300 years from 1339 to 1654.” source TasteSlovenia

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